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Kyo/Ruki - Fiction - Mission Ridiculous

Title: Mission Ridiculous
Author: gremlin4
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyo/Ruki
Band: Dir en grey, Gazette
Disclaimer: I can only dream of owning them.
Warning: Stupidity and some bondage.
Theme: Halloween for jrockchallenge
Summary: Kai needs to make sure that Ruki’s really in trouble before sending help.

All was right in the world. The sun was shining brightly, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was slightly windy, and the leaves were turning colors. The tall knight with his blond spiky hair and his squire, a man just as tall with long, dark hair, were standing together watching the scenery peacefully. All in all it was a perfect day until…

“Oh! Great knight Reita, you must come at once! The princess Ruki has been kidnapped by the evil Lord of Darkness and we need you and Aoi to save her!!” A royal servant commonly known as Kai cried out.

“When did this happen, Kai?” Reita asked with his mighty voice.

“Not too long ago. I was going to converse with the princess when a great darkness over came the castle and within seconds all that was left was silence!” Kai cried out worriedly, Aoi wrapping an arm around his shoulders to console him.

“Calm yourself, Kai. It does sound very much liking the workings of the evil Lord of Darkness. We shall ride off towards his tower to save his Majesty. In the meantime, I think you should return home were its save.” Reita commanded preparing to ride away on his horse.

“No, wait! The evil Lord will be expecting you and no doubt has the lands filled with horrors unknown to man. You will need extra help to get you there safely.” Kai pleaded, grasping onto his arm to stop him.

“Very well. But where shall we get such help?” Aoi asked from his place beside the horse.

“I know of a fairy not far from here who could lend a bit of his magic to aid you.” Kai spoke up.

“Then let us go to this fairy you speak off. Climb on.” With that said, Reita pulled both Aoi and Kai onto his mighty steed and together the three rode for a few miles until they reached a small house on a hill surrounded by trees.

“This is the place I spoke of,” Kai said and one by one the three climbed from the animal to make their way over to the door. Once there, the door seemed to open by some unknown and mystic force allowing them to enter the simple domain of the supposed fairy.

Hearing noise from another room, the three men slowly made their way there being carefully as to not startle or surprise the fairy. Standing in the room was one of the prettiest males they had ever laid eyes on. Especially for Aoi who seemed to be completely transfixed by the fairy’s beauty.

“I’m Uruha! What can I do for you gentlemen today?” The tall fae, known now as Uruha, smiled brightly.

“I seek your aid for I am on a mission to rescue the kidnapped princess from the Lord of Darkness.” Reita finally spoke up.

“Ah! That is a dangerous journey indeed. I shall aid you, but you only. Your friends will have to remain here though, for my magic can only guarantee the safety of one of you.” Uruha said in a serious voice.

“Very well.” Reita agreed and with a nod of his head, the fairy Uruha reached into his sleeve to grasp his wand. With a few waves of it and whispered phrases; a light shone from the tip and envelope the knight gifting him with its magical protection.

“Now you can fight off any dangers that the cruel Lord would try and use against you. Go forth now and save the princess. Time is running short for him.”

Nodding his head in grim determination, Reita quickly said thank you to the fairy and bid everyone else goodbye, to which he received farewell as well as good luck’s in return. Running outside the small house, the blond knight quickly jumped on his steed and rode fast into the distance where the evil Lord’s tower was known to reside.

The journey there was as the fae Uruha said it would be, dangerous and very difficult, as Reita battled his way through acid streams, metal monsters, witches and ghouls of ghastly figures and faces, and many more horrible things until he finally was able to reach the summit of the dark tower. Through out all that he faced, Reita found that he was not injured or tried which he was very thankful to have the fae’s magic on his side.

Using the secret passage that Kai had told him about before he left, Reita made his way through the gloomy and dark tower until he reached the room at the very top where the princess was being locked up. It was strange how during the entire way the knight had not encountered anything odd or monstrous. Not even the Dark Lord himself seemed to be around, which he found curious. That was until he heard faint noises coming from behind the door. They sounded like cries for help!

Gathering his courage and his strength for the finally battle that was to take place, Reita charged into the room only to be met with reality and the sight of something he never wanted to see.

Lying sprawled across the covers of the large bed was the fake princess Ruki dressed in a frilly white teddy with sheer, thigh-high stockings, the dress that he was wearing earlier torn and on the floor. A small, silver tiara rested on top of bleached blond hair as ice blue eyes covered in thick, black eyeliner glared at him heatedly despite the fact that both of his hands were tied together and to the headboard of the bed.

It if wasn’t for the evil Lord--Kyo clearing his throat, Reita probably would have continued staring at the sexy vision that the singer made while lying there regardless of the blood dripping from his nose. What came next was a blur to him and it wasn’t until he was sprawled out on the floor of the hall outside of the bedroom did the bassist realize that Kyo had slammed the door on him with more aggression than needed. At least that’s what his sore cheek and ass say.

Reita sat on the floor for a moment in a daze before deciding that the ‘princess’ didn’t did saving at all and headed towards the bathroom to clean up the blood from his nose. However when the banging noises and moans started up, the bassist quickly changed direction and rushed out of the apartment. Next time that Ruki hung up on Kai after a bunch of weird noises, he’ll let Kai come investigate because he was never going to do it again.

The End

Note: Yeah… this was like epic crack!fic for me. I couldn’t stop laughing while I was writing this and I had a blast with it. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as me.
Note 2: Oh, and if anyone didn’t get it... They were all in costume for Halloween. Reita was dressed up as a knight, Aoi a squire, Kai a royal servant, Uruha a fairy and Ruki as the princess. Though Kyo wasn’t in costume… But we all know he’s evil, especially when it deals with Ruki. >D

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