Reirei. <3 (bou_chanxox) wrote in jrockchallenge,
Reirei. <3

Trick or treat, The gazette, ReitaxRuki

Title: Trick or Treat?
Author: Bou_chanxox
Fandom: The GazettE
Pairing: ReitaxRuki
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Crack, horror
Warning/s: A horror story.....oO
Summary: The members of the GazettE go to a haunted house on halloweens eve, Is the house really haunted or is it a trick?
Comment; Yay a reituki ficcu 8D,
and this is written for jrockchallenge.
Hmmm what else to say, yay for horror?X3
It was better if we didn't do this in the first place..
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